Checked Baggage - Wizz Air

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Wizz Air – Checked Baggage

Wizz Air has a strict baggage policy. Checked luggage is not included in the ticket price. It can be purchased during the booking process. Each passenger is allowed to check-in a maximum of 6 items of baggage. Due to safety reasons, none of them can weigh more than 32 kg.

The fees for checked-in luggage are calculated based on the route and the day of the flight. Prices are always higher in peak season. Passengers can choose between two types of hold bags – with a 20kg (lower fee) or a 32kg limit (higher fee). No more than 6 items per person is allowed.

Make sure your checked luggage is packed properly. Tie up loose straps and ensure no items are hanging from the bag. If you carry a bedroll or a foam pad you should strap them to the bag. You can also wrap over your luggage with stretch foil (it’s to be found at any hardware store). Another option when you’re flying with Wizz Air with a checked luggage is to tie your backpack and bedroll together with string.